Vision Training – Frequently asked questions about vision training


1.   What does Vision Training involve? What does it do?

2.   My child tested as having very good eyesight and healthy eyes after having a standard eye exam with an eye chart. Should I still     investigate the possibility of a visual problem?

3.   Isn’t this something that we can take care of with glasses?

4.   What causes something like this?

5.   Can’t we just do this at home?

6.   Why haven’t I heard of vision training before?

7.   Is vision training new?

8.   Is there any guarantee that vision training will work?

9.   How long will it take?

10.  Will my child still have “reading lenses” after vision training?

11.  Are the changes from vision training permanent?

12.  Is there scientific evidence that vision training works?

13.  Why is vision training a well-kept secret?

14.  Why would another eye professional such as an eye specialist say that vision training won’t help?

15.  Is it true that there are certain conditions, like lazy eye, where the patient is too old, or it’s too late to intervene with vision training?

16.  Why is binocular depth perception so important?

17.  I’ve heard a lot about special lenses or filters that can improve reading. Can that be done instead of vision training?