Vision Testing


Utilizing the information we gain in the examination of the eye we will be able to:

  • Determine what prescription lenses you may need
  • Provide advice on appropriate types of lenses and frames
  • Provide the fitting and training required for successful contact lens wear & packages
  • Provide an assessment of the general health of your eyes with advice and referrals if necessary to specialists
  • Provide specific screening for problems such as glaucoma, cataract and diabetes
  • Check your vision for driver license requirements and complete all forms required

We are also able as a practice to offer examinations that cover specific occupations such as:

VDU workers

Police Applicants Level 1 & 2                           Geoff Sargent

CAA NZ Applicant Testing                               Geoff Sargent

CASA Australian Applicant                              Geoff Sargent

The only Wellington based CASA Assessor.

Geoff Sargent was one of the first group of optometrists in NZ to complete post graduate studies and achieved the Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics qualification in 2004. This means he is able to prescribe treatments for anterior eye disease such as ocular antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Marama Lambert gained her Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics qualification in 2005.

Natalie Wong gained this prescribing ability as part of her Bachelor of Optometry Degree

Richard Shanks gained his Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics qualification in 2013. He is also one of a few NZ Optometrists with a Fellowship in the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry.

What is a therapeutic Optometrists?” 

An optometrist provides comprehensive vision care including diagnosing and treating vision problems, identifying eye diseases and conditions and prescribes spectacles and contact lenses to patients.

 For people with eye infections, major eye allergies, eye disease and glaucoma, ocular therapeutics (medicine treatments for the eye) are often required.

 A therapeutic optometrist is approved to provide these treatments where appropriate to their patients