9.  How long will it take?


Many training programs can be accomplished in 15-20 sessions. If the difficulties are severe or complicated by involving more than one area of visual skills or abilities then the program time will often be longer, and you will have been informed. It is fine to do sessions on two consecutive days, so that you can stay on schedule.

The length of the therapy program varies with the condition treated. For example, a three year-old child with amblyopia, or “lazy eye”, might have the better eye patched for a short period of time. An eight year old with strabismus “crossed eye”, may require therapy for a period of a year to gain BOTH cosmetic and visual benefits (the two eyes will appear straight AND will be used as a binocular team for normal vision). A 30 year-old computer programmer may require three to six months to solve a visual problem causing significant eye strain. A 30 year-old with strabismus that had two or more unsuccessful surgeries as a child might require two or more years of therapy.

There is an informal evaluation after 10 sessions to assess progress and to plan future visits. Home vision training provides reinforcement and support. However, if you don’t do your homework, you should still keep your office appointments. If you were a student in school, you wouldn’t skip a class because you didn’t complete your homework.

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