14. Why would another eye professional such as an eye specialist say that vision training won’t help?


It is unfortunate that many eye professionals are not trained in vision training. Progressive eye professionals who follow current research in learning, neurology and physiological rather than just pathological (disease) visual processes understand the potential role of vision training.

The public needs to be aware that ophthalmologists are not the ultimate authorities in all areas of visual function. Ophthalmologists are often brilliant surgeons and normally the highest authorities on eye disease, but as a rule they rarely study subject areas such as, visual perceptual processing, accommodation and vision training. Some ophthalmologists concede this.

In the medical journal Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society, eye muscle surgeon and researcher David Guyton, M.D., states:

“We [ophthalmologists] have probably abdicated the study of accommodation and convergence to the optometric profession. A perusal of the literature will reveal that most of the advances in this area are being made in the optometric institutions by vision scientists who use definitions and terms with which we are not even familiar.”

See also http://www.children-special-needs.org/parenting/preschool/pediatric_eye_exams.html.

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