13. Why is vision training a well-kept secret?


The media rarely brings in the cameras. Most of us have seen dramatic camera footage of people struggling in physical therapy, being taught to walk again after a stroke or other traumatic accident. Watching a child doing vision training would not make such a dramatic picture–most of the action is happening inside the child’s own eyes and brain and can’t be picked up by the eye of a camera.

Both optometrists and paediatric ophthalmologists (using orthoptics) practise vision training, but you or your family may not be informed of this treatment option. There are several reasons for this. Paediatric ophthalmologists are trained as specialists and surgeons. Their practices concentrate on the use of drugs and surgery to treat eye disease and trauma. The majority of paediatric ophthalmologists have not set up therapy rooms as part of their own practices. Likewise, many optometrists do not maintain active therapy practices.

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