1.   What does Vision Training involve? What does it do?


In vision training we use different lenses and prisms to help you discover how to use your vision more efficiently. We use some lenses that help you understand how to relax your focus and others that encourage stimulation of your focus, so you can develop more flexibility. The same concept works with prisms that influence where you look. We use specially designed lenses, filters and prisms to help you discover how to use the two eyes together most effectively.

In vision training you learn how to control the flexibility, accuracy and range of freedom of all eye movements including fixation, pursuits, focus and eye teaming. In the instance of visual perceptual lags, we set up challenges so that the basic skills can be mastered, allowing appropriate development of skills, strategies and understanding of visual perceptual abilities towards more advanced visual thinking. With improved visual understanding a child is better prepared to benefit from educational methods.

Vision training in our office is normally completed one-on-one with the optometrist. In addition, homework needs to be completed at home as reinforcement of what is learned during the office therapy sessions. Commitment to the therapy program, and maintaining a schedule of weekly visits, is important in the success of the program. For more information visit our vision training page.

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